STR 10 DEX 16 CON 10 INT 18 WIS 8 CHA 14

HP 53 AC 18


The Rivenareth… riverbrothers. A whole family of rangers dedicated to guarding the rivers that lead into the the high elven homeland of Winterdeep like so many highways. And Asperin, born to their midst like a gem…their first wizard in an age. Too precious, and far to frail, to risk guarding the watchways; his instruction was given over to the mages as soon as was possible. Perhaps too soon.

Young Asperin quickly grew tired of the comments his peers always made. The teasing “Asperin (aspiring) to be a scholar” as a child, and now the warriors who don’t seem to know how condescending they are to him. The way Talliemn always had his rangers follow in escort whenever Asperin journeyed too deeply into the forest. The comments from his mentors were worse, always implying that he will never create magics of any practical use. “Yes, Asperin,” they would patronize, “that’s true…in the theoretical.” And worst of all was Master Sielliel who tried so hard to make him accept his place. Why must “his place” be in a library?

The hobbledehoy decided years ago that he would prove them all wrong. “I will be famed as an adventurer, not a writer”. His determination became his hobby. He read every adventurer’s account he could find…not the tales, save perhaps for their histrocity, but the journals and maps. He especially kept an eye out for the stained, dirty, and torn scrolls which always contained spells useful to the well-traveled and combat ready.

As often happens, his childhood dream became little more than a time passing daydream as he reached adolescence. He was sort of lost in the shuffle, being the middle child in what was, for High Elves, a large family. Sent away, (as he sees it) to study as a wizard at such an early age. But now, suddenly faced with an opportunity to go adventuring! He lept at the chance to leave the sheltering branches of Winterdeep for the chaotic human lands that he imagines as the wilds of Tarim.


Mircanum Dalagad