The world is a standard AD&D 3.5e setting. There are a few minor tweaks, primarily to races, but nothing major. Anyone familiar with the 3.5e PHB will not have any big surprises.

All PC material must come from the core 3 rulebooks (PHB, DMG, MM) or setting-specific material on the Mircanum webpage. Note: the tilde (~) is screwing up the URL for some reason. You have to manually replace TILDE with ~. Lame, I know… sorry. :( I think it’s an Obsidian Portal thingy.

In an effort to build some ambiance and share the flavor of the setting, I’ve taken the liberty of writing up some in-Character stories. They’re set in this world, and they include and introduce actual legends (which may or may not represent actual events… legends can be tricksy that way.)

Tarim Legends

   •  The Forest Sleeper – as told by a ragged minstrel in a smalltown tavern

   •  Durmon’s Claw – the legendary ranger of Parimar’s Riders

Osselim Legends

   •  Skale the Vile – the legendary Pirate King of the Storm Sea

Kolhrot Legends

   •  Various Poetry – as told by a dwarven wanderer, Orun Blackbrow


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